Terra Nova Medical Clinics

Terra Nova Medical Clinics

140-6011 No 1 Road

115-6011 No 1 Road

Richmond, BC

V7C 1T4

(604) 285-2263

About Us

***PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION BEFORE PROCEEDING*** Notice: Important Information Regarding Online Booking Dear Patients, We are pleased to update you on some key changes to the online booking process at Terra Nova Medical Clinic. We appreciate your attention to the following guidelines before proceeding to the booking page: Primary Care Provider: It is essential to book appointments with your designated primary care provider (Family Physician or Nurse Practitioner). If you book with another practitioner, your appointment may be cancelled without notice. Telemedicine Appointments: Our doctors may not be available every day at the clinic as they might be working remotely on certain days. For telephone appointments, please book under your provider's telemedicine booking account (e.g., Telemedicine Dr. Wilson or Telemedicine NP Linda Yang). For in-person appointments, use their regular booking account (e.g., Dr. Julie Wilson or Linda NP Yang). Provider Availability: Doctors Who See Their Own Patients Only: - Dr. Aya Constantini (exceptions apply if she's previously seen the patient) - Dr. Yang Liu - Dr. Andy Liu - Dr. Svetlana Bortnik - Dr. Julie Wilson Doctors Who Also See Other Patients (Walk-in Status Patients and Patients with a Family Physician or Family Nurse Practitioner at Terra Nova): - Dr. Stewart Mawdsley - Dr. Clarissa Zafirov - Dr. Ali Qazalbash Doctors Who Also See Other Patients (Patients with a Family Physician or Family Nurse Practitioner at Terra Nova, but No Walk-in Status Patients): - Dr. Ahmed Hashim - Dr. Kushal Khera Doctors Who Also See Other Doctors' Patients (Schedule Permitting, Please Call 604-285-2263 to Check for Availability, No Online Booking by Patients Who Are Not Their Patients): - Dr. Christina Wang - Dr. Samantha Man Nurse Practitioners See Their Own Patients Only: - Jaskerth Chahal - Michael Gosal - Mark Ventura - Diana Choi - Linda Yang - Raymond Jones - Benjamin Zhao New Patient Registrations: We are now accepting new patients! Please email support@terranovamedical.ca to register with one of our available nurse practitioners or doctors. We ask that you complete your registration prior to booking an appointment. We understand that the online booking process can be complex, but we aim to ensure timely care and avoid appointment cancellations. If you book with a Family Physician or Nurse Practitioner who would not see you, your appointment may be cancelled. Should you have any questions, concerns, or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@terranovamedical.ca. Our support team is here to assist you. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Best regards, Terra Nova Medical Clinics


  • Dr. Svetlana Bortnik
  • NP Jaskerth Chahal
  • Dr. Aya Constantini
  • Telemedicine Dr. Ali Qazalbash
  • Telemedicine Dr. Aya Constantini
  • Telemedicine Dr. Christina Wang
  • Telemedicine Dr. Clarissa Zafirov
  • Telemedicine Dr. Julie Wilson
  • Telemedicine Dr. Kushal Khera
  • Telemedicine Dr. Samantha Man
  • Telemedicine Dr. Svetlana Bortnik
  • Dr. Kushal Khera
  • NP Linda Yang
  • Dr. Meng-Chi Andy Liu
  • Dr. Samantha Man
  • Telemedicine NP Jaskerth Chahal
  • Telemedicine NP Linda Yang
  • Telemedicine NP Mark Ventura
  • Dr. Ali Qazalbash
  • NP Mark Ventura
  • Dr. Chen (Christina) Wang
  • Dr. Julie Wilson

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8:00 AM - 4:00 PM


8:00 AM - 4:00 PM


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