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Over the past year MyHealthAccess has really helped our practice streamline our patient communications and reduce no-shows. Our patients are excited to connect with us online and are very happy with the service.

Dr. Sachit Shah | Amari Medical Practice
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Automated Reminders
& Confirmations
Patient Messaging
Online Booking Right
Into Your EMR
Reduce no-shows by up to 35%
Eliminate up to 90% of your
call out effort
EMR schedule automatically updated
No training, Zero effort
Answer patient inquiries
Reduce staff interruptions
Charge customers for special
Patients can book right into your
open schedule slots
Fully customizable to fit your needs
90% of Canadians surveyed want
online booking
Reduce office calls while
satisfying your patients
MyHealthAccess Connects directly with the OSCAR EMR for online appointment booking, secure messaging and automated appointment notifications by email and text message.
MyHealthAccess saves you time by streamlining your patient communications
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